Why AgencyForce?

Made for Property and Casualty Insurance Agents

There are many CRM and Leads Managements Solutions to choose from in today’s market. Nearly all of the choices out there try to accommodate anyone and everyone, leaving significant gaps in industry specific functionality and business intelligence. AgencyForce was created by and for an actual insurance agency. Each contact record includes essential policy, carrier and sales cycle information to ensure your brokers fully understand their prospects needs during every conversation.

Easy To Use

During development, particular attention was given to “user friendliness”. Other CRM systems can be cumbersome to use, navigate through and edit the contact record as the sales cycle progresses.

AgencyForce is extremely easy to use. Your agents can log in, see their calendar, see their contacts, add contacts, filter, change status and make edits right from their personal and customizable dashboard.

Agent to Agent Privacy

Quite often the best sales people are alpha-dogs who don’t like sharing with the pack!

Studies show that a top reason sales people resist CRM technology is because many solutions allow users to see other users contacts, methods & sales results.

By nature, good sales people are highly competitive and value strict confidentiality in how they run their business.

AgencyForce maintains a separate dashboard for each salesperson which is not visible or accessible to the other brokers. Agency administrators and sales manager’s are the only users with complete access to all the data within AgencyForce.

Sales Manager Tools

The sales manager can use the data to assist their brokers with territory planning, prospect development, lead development, and sales cycle management. AgencyForce provides metrics for every broker individually and also for the entire agency. Custom reports can also be generated at any time.