Try AgencyForce On For Size

Posted on August 26, 2016

B2B software solutions are a lot like shoes!  They come in different sizes, shapes, uses, designs and prices.  If you're like me when buying shoes, I look for the style and color of the shoes I need (say, brown dress shoes) and then look at price.  If the price of the shoes exceeds my budget, I dont try them on .  After Ive located the shoes that fit my needs, and are the color I want, and meets my budget limitations, I then try them on for size.  Pretty standard approach I would think.  

Its probably very similar to the approach many people take with B2B technology decisions.  

However, Ive noticed that in the commercial CRM market most solutions are not made like shoes.  There is not a large variety of colors, they are not made for different industries, or for companies of different sizes.  They are mostly "one size fits all".  To make matters worse - they are all very expensive!  In short, its hard to find a good fit at a price that works.

AgencyForce "lead to close management" CRM is desgned to fit the needs, size and budget of small to medium insurance companies.  Its already equipt with the right industry specific data fields, such as policy type, carrier & expiration date in every contact record.  And AF is loaded with other easy to use functionality!  And AgencyForce is affordable for any size company.

Try on AgencyForce today!