Catherine, Columbus

Several years ago my sales team urged me get them a CRM system. I spent a great deal of time researching the market to find the best solution for us. I ended up going with the biggest name in the market. We then spent 6 months and nearly $20,000 to customize, implement and train my staff on how to use the software. After it was all said and done, nobody, and I mean nobody liked using it… least of all ME! It was too complicated and cumbersome for my small business. We did not renew the service after 12 months. An Industry friend told me about AgencyForce. AF is the perfect solution for P&C shops and is priced so affordably. We literally just signed up, added the users and were off and running in a couple of days.

Jason, Anaheim

I had used another CRM for about 10 years and thought it was great. Completely worth the cost of it to me. I had no intention of ever changing to another system until I saw AgencyForce on another brokers screen. She walked me through it fairly quickly, showed me how it was quicker and easier and more applicable to our industry. I made the switch and have never looked back.

Robert, Harrisburg

AgencyForce is perfect for my business. It’s so easy to use and has Property & Casualty business intelligence already built into it. I've tried other systems but they did not work for me. If you are a P&C Insurance Broker, AgencyForce will work for you too.



Luis, San Antonio

I've been an insurance salesman for 19 years and I’ve never used special software to keep on top of my leads, accounts and renewals. In fact, technology is a little scary to me. When my son came to work for us after college he asked why we didn’t have a CRM solution to help drive sales. I gave him a really small budget to go find one, hoping he wouldn’t! He came back with AgencyForce and set us all up. After only about an hour of working with it, I started understanding how to use it. I could easily see the benefits of the technology which is made specifically for agencies like ours. My agency sales have increased dramatically & I am personally more organized than I have ever been.