About AgencyForce

AgencyForce was created by and for an actual Insurance Agency. After piloting several commercial CRM solutions, ARI desired a customized system to perfectly meet the needs of an active insurance sales team. With great understanding of the insurance industry, ARI hired professionals to develop a custom solution to include only what they wanted and needed in a CRM/Leads Management solution for their brokers.

Of the many lessons learned throughout the process, the biggest would be that commercial CRM systems are overpriced. The highest quality solutions available can cost tens of thousands of dollars a year, and are not customized for any one industry.

AgencyForce has been used with great success for the last 10 years and now is being made available for your agency and brokers at a price that any agency can afford.

Features Include:

Detailed Data

Detailed policy data including type, carrier and expiration date is front and center.

One Click Editing

Add or edit a lead, make notes, add policy info and notes with our one click editing feature.

Customize Layout

Use the default layout or customize your layout with our simple drag/drop layout creation feature.

Import CSV

Import your current list of contacts along with any purchased list via CSV file.